Transfers to and from Karpathos Island National Airport

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Karpathos Island National Airport Transfers

Transfer services to and from Karpathos Island National Airport (AOK), including rental cars, taxis, and shuttles are in front of the terminal building.

The Ferry Terminal and Bus Terminal are in downtown Pigadia, the island’s capital. The quickest way to get from the airport to Pigadia Central, Karpathos Town is to taxi for €20.00 in approximately 15 minutes.

The capital of Pigadia, named after mountain springs, is a charming settlement with red-tiled rooftops and floral balconies. From here, you can explore the rest of the island and enjoy the stunning surrounding environment with its lofty mountains and shimmering bays.

Planning your transfer options before hitting the road will give you peace of mind while in Greece.

Before leaving your home, consider the remoteness of the location. Know what items are allowed in your carry-on bag, what you can pack in your checked baggage, and what items are prohibited.

For the convenience and direction of the riding public, passengers may approach the Airport Information Desk for transport assistance anytime.

Finally, travelers should only transact at the airport counters and other legitimate establishments for their safety.

Rental Car Services at Karpathos Island National Airport

All car rental pick-ups and drop-offs for rental car companies serving Karpathos Island National Airport occur outside the airport facilities.

Please inquire at your service provider for specific service hours and return procedures. See and compare all car rental companies at Karpathos Airport.

When ready to return your vehicle to the car rental center, remove all personal items before turning over the rented vehicle to the designated facility.

Allow plenty of time for your drive when returning the vehicle. If you’re not sure where to go, give the rental company a call.

For item(s) lost and found inside the vehicle, please contact the rental car company directly.

For item(s) left at a rental car center, please call the company or AOK at +30 2245-091049.

Ride Shares at Karpathos Island National Airport

Rideshare services appear to be not available in this facility. Please refer to other transportation options, including hotel shuttles and car rental.

Taxis at Karpathos Island National Airport

Upon exit from the Baggage Claim area, proceed to the taxi waiting area outside the terminal building.

The taxi fare from Karpathos Airport to downtown Pigadia is approximately €30.00. The taxi will get you to your hotel door in less than 15 minutes.

If you need to travel outside the city area, please consult your driver for rates. It is customary to give the driver a tip (at least 10% of the fare) for good service.

Keep a record of the cab company, vehicle number, and driver's name when traveling to and from the airport, just in case you leave something behind. More about taxis to and from Karpathos Airport.

Ferries at Karpathos Island National Airport

The Pigadia Ferry Station is in downtown Karpathos Island. You can get there by taxi in less than 15 minutes for €30.00.

Buses at Karpathos Island National Airport

Public buses are not available from the airport. Instead, passengers may take the bus from the terminal in downtown Pigadia. You can get there by taxi in less than 15 minutes for €30.00.

Alternatively, given the accessibility of the island, you can hire a taxi or car rental directly from the airport to your final destination in the area. More about buses in Karpathos.

Hotel Shuttle Services at Karpathos Island National Airport

Many hotels in Pigadia have shuttle services though some might require prior reservations. Please confirm if this service is available at your accommodation.

Shuttle services pick up and drop passengers in front of Karpathos Island National Airport. Fares may vary for this service. Please call the hotel front desk for further information.

Additionally, it is customary to give the driver a tip (€5.00 – €10.00 depending on the length of the ride, plus €1.00 per bag if the driver helps you with your luggage).

Parking at Karpathos Island National Airport

The airport provides public parking spaces opposite the terminal. Parking at the facility is free of charge. More information about parking at Karpathos Airport.